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Our Story

It all started 6 years ago when I bought several teething rings before my daughter’s first teething.

Having been a midwife for more than 7 years at that time, I had already carried out my research through several trainings and readings on the characteristics and advantages of each type of teething toy with the aim of finding the ideal models adapted to the majority that I could recommend to the parents who asked me. As a result of this research, I was able to recommend several of the leading brands of teething toys, rattles, coolers and wooden toys.

The problem is that you need to buy at least 4 of them because not every form of teething toy is suitable for all babies and the ultimate goal is to find the product that your newborn will use for a long time and that will quickly relieve him/her during this painful period. On several occasions, the feedback from parents following the purchase of a teething ring or rattle was that their infant quickly tired of it and rejected it immediately afterwards. It was not easy for them to ensure that chronic teething episodes were relieved at all times during this teething phase.
Two months after my daughter’s birth, I bought several teething rings of the dummy, cooler, rattle and wood type to prepare for this first crisis! Unfortunately, during this first teething phase, I was making the same observation as those many exhausted parents. My daughter didn’t use each model for more than two minutes, then started crying right afterwards and each dummy I bought was used no more than 5 times. In the end, the teething rattles served more as toys than as a teething relief tool.
The only way to soothe my baby for several minutes was to have him chew on my finger and it was only then that I thought I had finally found the solution to this problem! I also noticed that this alternative to soothing concerned all parents. A baby prefers to chew on his mother’s finger instead of the teething ring and the solution seemed simple.

How do I find a teething ring that is ergonomically designed to reach all the sore areas of a baby's gums with an easy grip for my daughter?

After several days of research on different websites, there was no product similar to my request. After several days of reflection, I decided to sacrifice my next few years to the development of this new product that would help millions of parents. I had shared this innovative idea with several doctors and nurses in my professional circle and 2 paediatricians, a doctor specialising in neurology and my husband had agreed to accompany me in my project.

This was followed by several months of intensive training and then design to arrive at the first similar experimental models offering sustainable use that complied with European safety standards. The first tests were carried out on the babies of our relatives and proved to be a success for this innovative toy. Indeed, the parents were surprised by the effectiveness of the teething soother, their newborn did not let go of our latest model and it had become INDISPENSABLE for pain attacks!
A partnership with Amazon was established last year with our brand and our product was voted “Amazon’s Choice” beating the big brands in less than a month with only 7 customer reviews. The success story is just beginning and our brand aims to help as many parents as possible with new products and free practical guides to help you with the simple development of your babies.

We have chosen a food grade silicone without BPA, PHTALATE, NITROSAMINE and LATEX as this material has the greatest ability to adapt quickly to the temperature of your baby’s mouth as soon as he starts to chew on it and in this way the teething ring is optimised for long term use. The upper part of the ring has been designed to replace your finger with the integration of a safety plate to prevent choking.

The ergonomic non-slip handle makes it easy to hold and allows your baby to move quickly. The soft, pleasant texture of the ring and the protruding nipple points allow your newborn’s gums to be massaged without injury for immediate relief. The teething ring can also be put in the freezer to act as a cooler as well as being put in boiling water to be disinfected repeatedly without impacting on its function.
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